Carmel Hills Care Center is committed to providing the highest quality, most complete skilled nursing and recovery programs for Residents of the Monterey Peninsula, in a beautiful setting, with a family like caring atmosphere.

In early 2009 Carmel Hills introduced our Rapid Recovery Program. Developed with assistance of nationally recognized rehabilitation and recovery specialists, The Rapid Recovery Program provides a systematic four-phase approach to rapid and effective recovery.

Applying valuable experience from the Rapid Recovery Program, Carmel Hills is now introducing a second level of Rehabilitation known as our Extended Recovery Program.

Extended Recovery

The Extended Recovery Program has been designed to provide Residents of the Monterey Peninsula with a more leisurely, gentler course of rehabilitation that achieves outstanding results over time in a less intense setting.

This program incorporates multi-disciplinary efforts, incorporating the very highest quality nursing care, dietary oversight, and activity programming with a progressive regimen of therapy. Although MediCare coverage is primary, ALL secondary coverage plans including MediCal, are acceptable, and encouraged.

Expedited Admission

To discharge a Resident to the Extended Recovery Program, simply call or FAX our Client Service Manager, Kaytie Tong, at (831) 624-2619 with the Residents name, date of discharge and primary (MediCare or HMO) and Secondary (MediCal or other) insurance. We will do the rest.