WELCOME TO Carmel Hills Care Center
A Skilled Nursing Facility

Carmel Hills is a skilled nursing facility located in Monterey, California. With a great mix of indoor and outdoor space, our location near the Del Monte Forest helps create a special environment for rest, healing and rehabilitation. We have a wonderful team of compassionate, respectful and responsible caregivers and staff to assist our residents in maximizing their individual function and performance.

Carmel Hills Care Center is family owned and operated since 2004. As the only facility owned by the Bowersox family, the primary emphasis isn’t on revenue, but quality care and how that care can enhance the lives of those we serve. Our floor plans include several beautiful outdoor courtyards that have social, psychological and therapeutic benefits.

We recognize that a stay at Carmel Hills and the need for our service is the result of an injury or illness, and can be a difficult time of decision making and long term planning. Our employees have made a choice to work in a long term care setting and their attitude and smiling faces are the most commented on characteristic by guests and visitors.

Rehabilitation Services

Our skilled nursing facility is your short-term & post-hospital rehabilitation provider.

Skilled Nursing Facility man being assisted with rehab exercises by a staff member.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapists will develop a plan to begin restoring your range of motion and mobility.

Skilled Nursing Facility man opening a can with a tool.

Occupational Therapy

We use task-directed activities in the treatment of our residents whose functional abilities have been impaired.

Skilled Nursing Facility doctor speaking with a male patient.

Speech Therapy

Our goal is to help restore abilities in the areas of communication, swallowing, and cognition.

Dog sitting on a man's lap in a chair


You are welcome to visit us and have a therapist design a personalized wellness program for you.


Our 24-hour licensed nurses are ready to assist with your overall wellness and care. From skilled nursing to complex wound care and rehabilitation, our team of professionals is ready to get you back to your best self.


The therapy staff are so professional, very pleasant and kind.

Map and Directions

Carmel Hills Care Center
23795 W.R. Holman Highway
Monterey, CA 93940


Are you looking to make a difference in someone’s life? If you answered yes, then we want you to be a part of our growing team. We look forward to meeting you.



Carmel Hills Care Center
23795 W.R. Holman Highway
Monterey, CA 93940

tel 831-624-1875
fax 831-624-7138