Activities Program

sign on the door of pebble beach room

Our staff coordinates activities to help short-term stay patients and long term care residents maintain their mental, emotional and physical health. Planning daily activities in our facility is essential in keeping our residents happy on their road to recovery. We focus on activities that stimulate their minds and, if possible, keep them active. Depending on the current ability of each resident, as well as keeping their previous activity interests in mind, we provide a vast selection of choices such as:

  • Candlelight dinner
  • Active resident and family councils and volunteer programs
  • Musical performances
  • Current events update
  • Reading the newspaper
  • Singing exercises
  • Fitness activities
  • Stretching exercises
  • Religious meetings
  • Entertainment
  • Games
  • Trivia
  • History
  • Gardening
  • Volunteer involvement
  • Social Dining, Tea/Coffee Social, Ice Cream Social with Piano Music
  • Beauty Shop Services: Manicures, Haircuts, Perms, Tinting
  • Church Services
  • Exercise: Rise & Shine (RNA’s), Balloon Volleyball or Badminton
  • Table Games: Bingo, Dominoes, Connect Four, Scrabble, Yahtzee
  • Memory Games: Trivia, Word Search, Guess Who “Movie” Stars
  • Movies: Classics, Musicals, Biographies, New Releases, Netflix
  • Entertainment: Live Music Concerts, Candlelight Dinners
  • Outings: Monterey Aquarium, Monterey County Fair, Downtown Festivities
  • Evening: World News, Sports, or Other Programs Selected by the Residents
  • Room Visits: Residents Who do not Attend Groups will Receive Visits 2-3 Times/Wk