Nursing Services

reception desk at Carmel HCC

Carmel Hills Care Center specializes in effective post-acute care that strives to get residents back to the active lives they once knew. Our facility uses specialized medical and rehabilitation technology along with advanced staff training in complex care conditions to provide an overall approach to wellness.

Nursing Services

Our 24-hour licensed nurses always strive for excellence in the care they provide our residents. Our nurses are professionally staffed around-the-clock to provide constant communication and supervision to all resident needs. Your therapeutic regimen at this phase will help prepare you for your return to a more independent lifestyle. During this phase, you will learn how to accommodate any functional losses which you may have sustained, how to use assistive devices and techniques for accomplishing routine activities in an independent manner. Tasks like dressing, bathing and mobility, or more complex undertakings such as preparing meals and transportation will be explained, trained and tested.

Should you have a caregiver or spouse, they are welcome to participate with you during this phase of your recovery.

On-site Rehabilitation

Our on-site rehabilitation team meets with residents 7 days a week and works on individualized therapy goals for each resident in our care. To provide our community with an overall rehabilitation program, we also provide ortho and neurorehabilitation. Our professional and pleasant team is ready to help you or a loved one on the road to recovery.

Social Services

Social services provide essential information, manages requests and concerns, coordinates appointments, maintains contact and open communication between the facility, families and the residents, as well as, help in care planning and discharge planning for each resident. Our team is ready to arrange professional services for all our residents. The transition from the Express Recovery Program to a more independent lifestyle requires a network of services and providers be assembled to provide the on-going support you require. Issues such as home accessibility and safety or the arranging of nutritional and medical support are all important.

Your Express Recovery team will help you create and implement an effective transition program for increased independence, peace of mind and confidence when returning to the most independent living arrangement possible for you.

Wound Care

Our facility is equipped with a wound care specialist that will monitor and create custom treatment plans for each resident. Our overall goal is to promote healing and prevent recurrence.

Serenity Unit

In a continuing effort to meet the needs of our community, Carmel Hills has dedicated a portion of our facility to specialize in end of life care. This unit focuses on comfort and compassion and provides a quiet, sun-drenched setting for family members and friends to spend quality time with their loved ones.

  • Accessible 24hr/day
  • Private and semi-private rooms
  • Specialized training for staff
  • Arrangements can be made to sleep over
  • Balcony suites with redwood banisters
  • Each room opens into a forest setting
  • Refreshments available for all visitors